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[COLLAB] Madelyn’s High Vibe Collection

[COLLAB] Madelyn’s High Vibe Collection

$59.95 ($64.90 with UV Light)


Hi, I'm Madelyn! I'm a mother, podcast host, event creator and speaker with a passion for helping people live their happiest, healthiest lives. My podcast, The Healthy Hustlers, features conversations with successful & influential people in the health and wellness industry.

My mantra is "I can have a thriving career while still being a present, nurturing mum," and I believe that having the right mindset, tools and habits is key to achieving this balance. Self-care is an important part of my routine, and I prioritise doing things that feel high-vibrational and abundant, such as doing my nails with GEWEL gel nail stickers.

I'm excited to share my 'Higher Vibes' collection in collaboration with By Me & Crew, which is designed to help people harness their unique, magical energy. The collection features the 'Higher Self' GEWEL, which is intended to help people lead from a place of intuition. Her best friend, 'Magnetic' GEWEL, is covered in gold glitter, which is designed to help people embody their magnetic energy.

The collection is a celebration of abundance, high-vibes and uniqueness, and encourages you to own your magic and show up as your best selves in all areas of life.

Are you ready to own your magic?

What's Included? 

Here's what you get in Madelyn's kit:

  • 1 x Higher Self Gel Nail Sticker
  • 1 x Magnetic Gel Nail Sticker
  • 2 x Decal Sheet of your choice
  • 1x Rainbow Affirmation Activity Card
  • 1x BONUS Meditation Album (digital sent via email) valued at X
  • 1x UV Light (Optional)

How To Apply?

  1. Prep your nails.
    Prep your nails by wiping it down with nail polish remover. This helps remove any natural oil and moisture on your nails.
  2. Right fit.
    Choose nail sticker size which fits your finger nail size. There's 20 to choose from, so it suits all finger nails. Big, small or tiny.
  3. Stick it.
    Peel off the film on top and apply the semicured gel nail to your finger. Please apply slightly away from the cuticle. You want to make sure the sticker stays on your nails and doesn't touch the skin.
  4. Trim it.
    Using the nail filer, file the leftover semicured gel.
  5. Cure it.
    Cure 2 times under the UV lamp
  6. Remove it.
    There's purpose for that tiny wooden stick! Push gently around the edges of the nail to lift up the nail sticker. We recommend soaking the wooden stick in nail polish remover!

    Now flaunt it. Tag @bymeandcrew in your Instagram, TikTok or Facebook post! Anywhere. We want to see looking fab with your new nails.