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[REVIE JANE] Collab Bundle Set (No UV Light)

[REVIE JANE] Collab Bundle Set (No UV Light)



You all loved Revie Jane’s first design so much, we’re presenting you her second design! Imagine Hailey B’s glazed donut but even better, with sparkles as accent nails.

This design is available for a limited time as part of Revie x By Me & Crew’s collaboration! 

We honestly couldn't ask for a more better partnership. Revie is a beautiful human whose values are in perfect alignment with By Me & Crew. That's advocating for self-care.

When life gets busy, we tend to not have time for self-care. That's exactly when we need it the most. We hope you love this collaboration as much as we did putting it together. 

Thank you for creating time for you. You always deserve it. 

We share more about Revie below!

How did this collaboration happen? Revie and her followers were intrigued by Gel Nail Stickers and so she happened to buy from us to try it herself! She was converted and this collaboration had to happen. It's literally been MONTHS in the making. 

As always, we put a lot of thought into our collections.

Revie's personally designed her own gel nail sticker with By Me & Crew. She even drew the flower detail herself! Revie's known for positive affirmations and so it's been incorporated into her thank you card as a keepsake. You'll also find a limited edition sticker sheet included to personalise your UV light (or anything, really!) 

Here's what you get in Revie's kit:

  • 1 x She Loves Me (Floral) Gel Nail Sticker
  • 1 x Angel Energy (Pearlescent Sparkles) Gel Nail Sticker
  • a Glass Nail Filer & Shine
  • Sticker Sheet to personalise

Our thank you card also doubles as an affirmation card.

About Revie Jane

Devoted wife, mother-of-two, entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer, writer and public speaker, there is just something about Revie. Those who follow her; adore her. Those who know her; love her.

Online, she’s a breath of fresh air. In real life, she’s a force who is firmly in the driver’s seat of her life. Finding the courage to share both her personal and business journeys online, the mother-of-two built a community of loyal and supportive followers by living her life out loud.

Facing adversity throughout her early childhood, the woman now known for her infectious, fun-loving personality has certainly lead an unconventional life. Battling depression and anxiety as a teen, Revie has walked a path most could never imagine.

Embracing the brave direction to choose happiness over darkness, the inspirational entrepreneur was able to rediscover her worth and find her purpose through fitness.

Find Revie on Instagram, @reviejane or you can support her business, reviejane.com for beautiful affirmation cards and products.

What's Included? 

Here's what you get in Revie's kit:

  • Revie's Design
  • 1 of Revie's Top 5 Favourites
  • a Glass Nail Filer & Shine
  • Sticker Sheet to personalise

Our thank you card also doubles as an affirmation card.

How To Apply?

  1. Prep your nails.
    Prep your nails by wiping it down with nail polish remover. This helps remove any natural oil and moisture on your nails.
  2. Right fit.
    Choose nail sticker size which fits your finger nail size. There's 20 to choose from, so it suits all finger nails. Big, small or tiny.
  3. Stick it.
    Peel off the film on top and apply the semicured gel nail to your finger. Please apply slightly away from the cuticle. You want to make sure the sticker stays on your nails and doesn't touch the skin.
  4. Trim it.
    Using the nail filer, file the leftover semicured gel.
  5. Cure it.
    Cure 2 times under the UV lamp
  6. Remove it.
    There's purpose for that tiny wooden stick! Push gently around the edges of the nail to lift up the nail sticker. We recommend soaking the wooden stick in nail polish remover!

    Now flaunt it. Tag @bymeandcrew in your Instagram, TikTok or Facebook post! Anywhere. We want to see looking fab with your new nails.