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100 pcs Alcohol Wipes (Prep Pads)

100 pcs Alcohol Wipes (Prep Pads)

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This box contains 100 individually wrapped pieces of high quality 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Pads.

It is perfect for cleaning the natural nails before applying a nail treatment such as GEWEL gel nail stickers or gel polish. 

These pads can also be used to remove the "tacky layer" of any builder gel or top coat gel. Also great to remove oils from small electronics like your phone, keyboard or mouse!

These are for one time use and to be disposed after. 

Alcohol Pad Size: 6 x 3cm 

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  • 1. Prep your nails

  • 2. Fit & Stick

  • 3. File/Trim Excess

  • 4. Cure & Done

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