Collection: Nail Gift Sets

Discover the ultimate in nail luxury with this exclusive collection of nail gift sets from By Me & Crew. Perfect for you or someone you know who cherishes the art of a meticulous manicure, our sets offer everything you need for a salon-quality experience right at home.

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Give the Gift of Self-Care

Whether you're a seasoned nail enthusiast or new to the world of DIY nail care, our UV gel nail stickers provide an effortless way to achieve flawless, long-lasting nails time after time. These nail gift sets are an ideal way to pamper and polish your fingers and toes, turning every manicure and pedicure session into a moment of pure indulgence.

Tailored for Beauty Aficionados

We meticulously crafted our collection of gift packs for people like you, who view your nails as a canvas for self-expression. Check out our semi-cured gel nail wrap gift kits in a variety of designs, from the elegantly understated to the boldly vibrant. In addition to a selection of our finest semi-cured gel nail stickers, each gift set includes premium accessories and a custom-designed gift pouch to keep everything neat and organized. You or your recipient will love our 3-in-1 clear gift bag that unfolds to become a nail mat. No more using scraps of paper around the house to cover your table during a manicure!

Make Time for Pampering

Embrace the art of self-care. Each nail gift set is more than a collection of nail care products; it's an invitation to indulge in a ritual of beauty. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, each set is a carefully curated experience sure to delight and inspire. Whether you’ve picked one out for a special occasion or just because, we know you’ll find joy in the simple act of taking some time just for yourself. Featuring a fun gift pouch, your choice of UV gel nail stickers, and other accessories, the components in every kit will enhance the pampering experience. 

Nail Care Reimagined

At the heart of By Me & Crew is a commitment to innovation. Our semi-cured gel nail wraps are a testament to this, offering a revolutionary way to achieve professional-quality manicures and pedicures at home. Easy to apply and remove, these nail stickers are the perfect solution for the modern beauty enthusiast who values both style and convenience. We have long believed in the fusion of beauty and wellness. For this reason, our semi-cured gel nail sticker sets are not just about aesthetics. We also designed them to be gentle on your natural nails while providing a durable, chip-resistant finish that lasts.