Collection: UV Gel Top Coats

Elevate your at-home nail care routine with the UV gel top coats from By Me & Crew. This is the final touch your nails have been missing.

Discover Enhanced Nail Protection

We designed these ultra-shiny, glittery, and matte formulas to seal and protect your nails while delivering an unparalleled finish. Think of our UV gel top coats as your secret to salon-quality results right at home. These top coats not only enhance the durability of your manicure but also ensure your nails remain stunningly perfect and chip-resistant for weeks. Ideal for use with our UV gel nail stickers, these top coats provide the ultimate protection against wear and tear, keeping your nails looking flawless and professional with every application.

Superior Shine & Durability

Our UV gel top coats represent cutting-edge nail care technology. By applying a coat over our semi-cured gel nail wraps, you unlock a dimension of shine, glitter, or matte sophistication that will transform your entire manicure. These gel top coats pull double duty, also protecting your nails. Acting as a shield, our top coats resist scratches, dents, and chips, ensuring your nails stay beautiful longer. We designed these formulas to offer the perfect blend of convenience and professional-grade quality. Achieve a seamless, durable finish that elevates your nail art to new heights, all from the comfort of your home.

Elevate Your Manicure

We all know the magic of a perfect manicure lies in the details. In addition to making your nails chip-resistant and glossy, glittery, or matte, our UV gel top coats enhance the vibrancy and depth of your nail color. Each hue will pop with a crystal-clear, sparkly, or matte finish, depending on the top coat you choose. Whether you're preparing for a daily outing or a special event, these top coats give your nails a professional look that exudes polish and sophistication. This protective layer guards against UV damage and prevents color fading, ensuring that your nails remain strong, healthy, and vibrant. 

Simplicity Meets Innovation

Our commitment to quality, beauty, and durability is evident in every product we offer. From our UV gel nail stickers to our UV gel top coats, we provide solutions that make professional-looking manicures accessible to everyone. Like the rest of our products, we formulated these top coats to offer you at-home finishing options that are easy to apply. Simply brush on the top coat, then cure it for 60 seconds using our UV light lamp that fits in the palm of your hand. Voila! Friends and family will no doubt want to know who did your nails, and you can proudly tell them: You did it yourself!