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Glass Nail File & Shine (Green)

Glass Nail File & Shine (Green)

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Did you know there's different levels of abrasiveness to nail filers? 

This glass nail & shine filer provides a smoother filing process. It's extra gentle on fragile nails but still strong enough to be used on both your natural nails, gel nail stickers or acrylic nails! 

It leaves a nice shine on your nail too. 

We're all about improving your nail care experience. So it only made sense we offer you the best.

You can also easily clean the nail filer with soap!

We recommend using this for:

- Shaping your nails

- Removing excess adhesive after taking off your gel nail stickers

- Removing excess sticker when applying gel nail stickers.

Remember to use an alocohol wipe after filing your nails so that the gel nail stickers stick to a dry and clean surface.

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  • 1. Prep your nails

  • 2. Fit & Stick

  • 3. File/Trim Excess

  • 4. Cure & Done

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